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                   About Tiffin Service in Chandigarh

“Tiffin Service in Chandigarh” is dedicated to providing healthy and tasty Tiffin food service at your doorsteps. In today’s hectic busy schedule, people who are living and working here, are not able to take care of daily food properly. It not only effects your diet schedule but also your health.

Although there are many “Tiffin suppliers in Chandigarh” and to find the right one is sometimes difficult. To fulfill this need, ““, comes online to provides healthy home cooked food for PG, girls, boys, students and working professionals.

We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, disposable tiffin food in all the main sectors of Chandigarh like sector 44,46,47, 21,22,34,35,15,37  and near by sectors leaving sector 9, 8 and below belt.

Our “Tiffin food” is cooked in a homely environment using quality ingredients like quality masala’s, edible oil, fresh vegetables and neatly environment and supervised and operated by a lady, (Aunty ji) very experienced in cooking tasty home food.

We are focused to provided home-cooked food, which is tasty and healthy, as we take it seriously and deliver hygienic food to our customers with timely service.

Hope you appreciate our good service efforts and enjoy our “Tiffin in Chandigarh.”

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